Frequently Asked Questions

Find the right length and bend of an open pipe coolant line.
Uses up important time that could be used for grinding or machining

Find a pre-populated manifold and change out the one on now.
Can use up valuable time from the grinding or machining process

Populate a manifold for the job with older pre-bent metal lines, or, bend and flare some new pipes and use them.
Searching for the right lines that will make do takes time. Plus the lines are just that, lines that make do. Bending new ones takes time away, even if done when the machine is cycling

I’ll bend the current pipe(s) lines a bit. This may create a kink, but it will still work.
This both reduces the coolant pressure and coolant quantity to the wheel plus creates more turbulence in the line from a kink

Well, it’s a little short, but it will do.The coolant expands as it leaves the pipe and before it hits the wheel. This reduces coolant pressure and effectiveness